NASA Secretly in Contact With Aliens?

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Gossips about NASA contacting aliens are not new. A lot of speculations have already circulated among the public, and a lot of stories comes out of it. However, none of these predictions have been confirmed by NASA itself. Still the question lingers in the minds of many people around the world: do NASA secretly contacting aliens? It has remained an issue up until now, but for NASA, is this still a question? Are they contacting aliens behind our back? There is something here that might answer the question. An alleged former NASA employee has spilled the beans. Come and let's chat about this alien revelation.

According to the report, a woman who calls herself 'Jackie' has claimed that there is a secret space program conducted by NASA and is being kept away from the general public. Jackie called the American radio station Coast to Coast AM and revealed about the alleged secret space program. According to Jackie, she has seen humans who are wearing space suits through a live video feed from Mars. Apparently, this information have been kept away and hidden by the big bosses of NASA.

Also, one of Jackie's claim is that she is part of the 'downstairs' team who work on the downlink telemetry from the Viking Lander. Viking Lander is the first to send back photos from Mars. That old Viking rover was running around. Then I saw two men in space suits not the bulky suits we usually used, but they looked protective. They came over the horizon walking to the Viking Explorer," says Jackie, as quoted by Arjun Varma. Jackie, along with six others, goes to NASA's central office to give out the information, but the only response they got is the door being slammed in their faces. The only question for Jackie is that who are those two people? Do they belong to team NASA? Still, this has remained a mystery.

Ok, so let's just assume that NASA has contact with aliens. Let's just put it that way. And I'll give you something to think about. Why are they contacting aliens? And what is the secret behind this 'secret'? Only the people who are behind this can answer.

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